Applications & Industries Served

RAE Motors

RAE has supplied quality motors, gearmotors and controls for a wide range of industries and markets, including:

IPC Automation

IPC Automation offers more than 75 years of accumulated experience in the production of motion, power and control systems for commercial and industrial applications. We can devise and manufacture motion-related systems for virtually any industry or product requirement. IPC has delivered products ranging from physical therapy equipment and diagnostic instruments to automatic door and elevator control mechanisms. IPC has produced quality systems for a variety of brushed and brushless applications including:

A. Fischer Phase Drive

Quick, Easy & Precise Phase Adjustment

A. Fischer Phase Drives provide a quick, easy, and precise solution for mechanical phase adjustment, registration, and timing of various transmission components and equipment. This prevents costly downtime associated with disassembly, repositioning of shafts, changing gears or shifting chains to obtain proper synchronization. By simply rotating the adjustment shaft at the top of the unit, you have unlimited instantaneous adjustment of the input-output shaft relationships. This may be done while the machine is running or stopped, manually by means of a hand-wheel or remotely with via electric motor. These drives also have the added inherent ability to be used as a speed reducer because of their standard 4:1 ratio.

Flexibility for a Variety of Position Sensing Equipment

A. Fischer Phase Drives offer great flexibility and can be used with a variety of position sensing equipment, such as holding registration on printed stock during automated cut-off operations or the timing of filling operations on dispensing equipment. Typical applications also include: synchronize production components, packaging machines, printing rollers, dispensers, registration systems, timing, cut-off operations, can machinery, indexing heads, paper converting, fillers, transfer systems, plastic web or film machinery, winching mechanisms, speed corrections, web tension control, and precision alignment systems.

If you have any questions regarding specific applications or need assistance integrating a Phase Drive with your equipment, the A. Fischer Phase Drives' support staff will be more than happy to assist with your requirements.


For over 40 years A. Fischer Phase Drives has provided quality built and dependable mechanical phase drives to customers in many industries. A. Fischer Phase Drives can be used in a variety of applications including: