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Dependable Motion Control World-Wide

A. Fischer Phase Drives has provided dependable Motion Control world-wide for over 40 years, delivering the quality and service our customers expect from the leader in phase drive technology.

A. Fischer Phase Drives offers a reliable, simple and precise unit that solves problems of mechanical phase adjustment, registration and timing quickly and efficiently. They also have the added inherent ability to be used as a speed reducer because of their standard 4:1 ratio.

Adjusting the timing of various transmission components often requires costly downtime, because of the disassembly and re-positioning of shafts, gears, or chains to properly phase the position of one shaft to another. However, with the A. Fischer Phase Drive, by simply rotating the adjustment shaft at the top of the unit, you have unlimited instantaneous adjustment of the input-output shaft relationships. This may be done while the machine is running or stopped, manually by means of a hand-wheel or remotely with an electric motor.

A. Fischer Phase Drives are precision engineered and quality built throughout. All components are machined to exacting tolerances, utilizing CNC machining and turning centers to assure minimal variation, for consistent interchangeability of all components.

All components are inspected before assembly. High quality taper roller bearings and precision needle bearings are used, all gearing is hardened and tooth-form ground. Assembled units are dynamically tested to assure a quiet trouble free performance over a long operating life.