D1086 Generator Field Control

Item # S-200

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The model D1086 is a low-cost, compact control designed to provide a variable voltage to the shunt field windings of a motor driven generator. Recommended for geared machines with series field windings up to 350 FPM. The D1086 accepts 0-10 VDC as a reference to achieve 1-180 VDC output. The input signal can either be provided by an external source or from the on-board 15 VDC power supply. Provisions are made for externally selected acceleration/declaration times are selected by "stepping-in" different resistance values to terminals on the D1086. Input voltage is either 208 or 230 VAC which generates a 5 amp (or 15 amp) continuous output rating. Direction of the elevator is achieved via external UP/DOWN direction contactors which invert the polarity of the DC output. Single phase 208/230 VAC input. Included is a comprehensive step-by-step manual for a smooth and successful installation.



Speed 0 to 350 fpm
Phase Single
Input Voltage (AC) 208 V
230 V
Current 15 A
5 A

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