S-Shape Pattern Generator

D280 S-Shape Speed Pattern Generator

The D280 is a unique control designed to provide a precise bi-directional (up and down) 0-10 vdc speed pattern to provide the smoothest possible controller response during acceleration and deceleration of the elevator car. Unique to the D280 is the ability to control both the rate and the SHAPE of the pattern allowing the adjuster to compensate for the dynamics of the elevator system and provide a very smooth car ride. Compatible with a wide variety of elevator drives such as DC, ACVVVF or generator controls, the D280 accepts dry contact closures and provides adjustments for up to six speeds, two different acceleration and three (up to four via jumper) deceleration rates. Direction of the pattern is selected via UP/DOWN direction inputs.

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C215 Isolation Module for D280-S-Shape-Pattern Generator

The C215 input isolation module is designed to be used in conjunction with the IPC D280 S-Shape speed pattern generator to provide complete signal isolation between the control and connected circuitry. The C215 provides 14 discreet isolated inputs and provides LED indicators for each which aids in setup and troubleshooting. Designed to be used in systems where noise interference is a problem. Can be directly interfaced to Relay, Microprocessor or PLC based controllers from most manufacturers. Includes a spare input. Requires +24 vdc.

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