RHV-10 115VAC Input Variable-Speed DC PWM Motor Speed Control 10A

Item # 910-3522-088


The IPC Automation RHV-10 PWM 115 VAC Input, variable-speed PWM DC drive provides efficient control of permanent magnet motors and gearmotors used in many types of applications for motor operation in a single direction. Incorporating traditional IPC quality in a compact rugged package, the RHV offers smooth and linear acceleration, adjustable maximum speed, automatic current limit and quiet operation in a very compact package.

Uses an external potentiometer for for controlling motor speed. Simplified hook-up uses common economical 0.250" "fast-on" connectors. Use of a PWM controller allows increased motor ratings of up to 78% as compared to similar SCR based controller designs.

Available with metal cover.


Model RHV-10
Input Voltage (AC) 115VAC
Output Voltage (DC) 0-140VDC

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