D160- 230/460VAC Three-Phase SCR Power Controller 30A

Item # 910-5252-004

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The IPC D160 is a three-phase SCR power controller which offers variable-voltage phase-angle control for a variety of applications. Fully-isolated all-digital firing is immune to AC line distortions, RF and noise. These rugged controllers feature many standard features such as soft-start, voltage or current control input, AC or DC output, open or closed-loop operation and a variety of AC or DC feedback options. 4-20 ma current input with offset and bias adjustments. Adjustable current limit. 30 A continuous output rating. (Higher currents or other voltages on request) Also available as a trigger-only package (uses customer supplied power section).



Input Voltage (AC) 230 V
380 V
480 V
575 V
Phase Three
Continuous DC Rating 30 A
Full Load Ambient Temperature 0 to 45 Deg. C
Response 16 MSC 0 to 220 Deg. conduction-damping specified for closed-loop operation adjustable.
Closed Loop Regulation +/-0.5% from +/-10 volt DC feedback signal. Drift less than 0.1%
Current Limit Adjustable 50 to 200%. Overcurrent trip set at 500%. Fixed or Adjustable.
Reference In 0 to +/-10 volts DC into 10K ohms input impedence. Regulated 10V 1mA output available for external 10K potentiometer.
Feedback Input 0 to 10 volts DC into 10K ohms input impedence. Input scaling potentiometer with adjustable range from 10V to 100V input.
Gate Outputs Six isolated outputs to hard-fire up to 6 SCRs. Initial pulse rises to 1 amp in less than 500 nanoseconds with a back porch of 150 ma for the remainder of the cycle. 2500V rms isolation.
Output Ratings 15A, 30A, AC or DC Bridge.

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