Right Angle Gearmotors - G7 Series

Item # G7

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The G7 Series Double Worm Reduction Right Angle Gearbox, when matched with the appropriate RAE motor, is designed for applications requiring moderate output torque at slow output speeds. Durable all metal construction, with Bakelite input and bronze out put gear, provides quiet, slow speed operation.

Gearbox dimensions only. Reference appropriate Series for dimension of motor.

Compatible Motors:

The G7 Series may be combined with the M1500 or M1600 Series motor.




Torque Rating 0 up to 35 in-lb
Speeds 0 up to 60 rpm
Voltages 12 up to 115 V
Ratios 64:1 up to 2320:1
Max. Shaft Diameter 0.500 in.
Insulation Class "F"
Lead Length 8 in.

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