M1500 Series

The M1500 Series Permanent Magnet Motor features a compact 2.250" diameter design that is ideal for applications requiring limited continuous duty torque ratings, yet high starting torques. This product has a wide range of mechanical flexibility.


Item # Voltage Range Continuous Torque DC Rating Continuous Torque SCR Rating HP Rating L1 L2
M1500 12 up to 115 V 10 in-oz 5.0 in-oz 0 up to 1/20 3.282/3.207 in. 3.012/2.977 in.
M1503 12 up to 115 V 14.5 in-oz 7.5 in-oz 0 up to 1/12 3.782/3.707 in. 3.512/3.477 in.